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It requires experience, expertise and a bit of crazy to reach out to millions of users in a couple of days. We have all the crazies here and with your participation we can make it happen. And did we mention we have a solid 3+ Years of App Store experience. We know what clicks and we are not talking about a mouse over here.

Magic Shot of the Day
Magic Shot of the DayStar

Make your paid app free for a day! With the help of our app, web, social and media partners we make sure your app shines in the hands of millions of users. Think your app has the creativity and awesomeness to be the MSoTD?

We feature a paid app / price drop everyday as the 2nd Shot. These shots are the hidden gold of the App Store and fall into must checkout category, there isn't any reason not to keep a place for them on your device.

We feature a free app everyday as the 3rd Shot. These shots offer way more to the users than expected and they are Free. A must for every device.