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"Hey! I'm  MAX.
I make apps free, with magic."

At 3 Magic Shots we dig up hundreds of apps each day to get you the best deals on the most awesome apps. We negotiate a 100% discount where our members can get that one amazing app absolutely free, Daily!

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..and win many exciting prizes!

Not only do we get one awesome deal for you everyday but we also feature a paid & free app which we think deserves recognition, from the app store. We're very picky about the apps we choose which means only the most awesome and fun apps will come your way.

You will end up saving more than $45 a month which you can now spend on anything you want, and don't you forget the extra prizes that come your way every week. Want in? Get the 3 Magic Shots App on your iPhone Now!.

Note: We choose not to promote multiple apps daily because we firmly believe in bringing you one awesome app instead of 3 mediocre ones.